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Materials for the 21st century: from design to application

The development of new materials to meet the challenges of the 21st century was the focus of this year's Theo Murphy Frontiers of Science conference. Materials for the 21st century: from design to application was held from 9-11 December in Melbourne. This latest in the Frontiers of Science series, brought together the best young Australian materials scientists from across the country. The Theo Murphy events aim to be multi-disciplinary; this year's symposium included topics such as new techniques and materials to improve drug delivery, energy and food production, and ways to develop the next generation of flexible electronics.

The workshop was organised and run by a committee of young researchers and attended by around 70 research students and early to mid-career researchers. It was found to be an excellent networking environment, with many participants identifying new collaboration partners. As one delegate observed: 'With such a broad range of topics it was great to see where the key focuses are for these industries and who is leading the fields. Networking with these people will help as my career evolves'. A special session examined the challenges for women in materials science and was followed by a lively discussion.

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