Collaboration opportunities

Industry/government collaboration opportunities

Transport for NSW (‘TfNSW’) is committed to improving the safety of its networks and its transport solutions. The expansion of the TfNSW light rail network has many safety, social and economic benefits. However, there are also some increased risks to other road users particularly in mixed traffic environments. The flange-way gap in the tram rails poses a risk to vulnerable road users such as cyclists and users of other mobility aids including wheelchairs and pushchairs, of getting one or more wheels stuck when crossing the tracks. The hazard to cyclists is exacerbated as a consequence of the speed at which they may be travelling and their increased exposure to both light rail and road traffic as well as roadside infrastructure. TfNSW wishes to invite any and all parties who believe that they may have or be able to develop a solution that will mitigate or eliminate the risk of this hazard to register their interest with TfNSW.

Please contact Gareth Hughes for more information